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Send inmate money in Iowa

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Must be sent to the following address:

IDOC Offender Fiduciary Account
1550 L Street, Suite B
Fort Dodge, IA 50501

All deposits must be in the form of a cashiers check or money order. All cashiers checks and money orders must be made payable to: IDOC Offender Fiduciary Account.

The cashiers check or money order must include the following:
offender name, offender number, sender’s name and sender’s complete address. All writing should be legible. If the deposit does not follow these guidelines it will be returned to the sender by mail.
Money orders and cashiers checks are no longer accepted by drop off at any institution. The only option is to mail to the address listed above. Offenders will still receive receipts for deposits consistent with current individual institution guidelines. Any questions from offenders regarding incoming money can be directed to the Business Office where the offender is located.

This change in process will mean that the offender’s money will immediately be there when the offender transfers from one institution to another. The offender will no longer need to wait for a check to be sent by the facility that he/she left.

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