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Send inmate money in Florida

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The funds must be in the form of a money order, cashier's check, or a certified bank draft--DO NOT SEND CASH.
The funds should be made payable to the Inmate Trust Fund along with the name and DC#.

Please note: If the inmate is housed at the following private facilities or county jails you can send the funds directly to that facility and do not need to request or send this deposit form:
Bay C.F.
Bradenton Transition Ctr.
Bridges of Jacksonville
Bridges of Orlando
Bridges of Pompano
Franklin County Jail
Gadsden C.F.
Graceville C.F.
Lafayette County Jail
Lake City C.F.
Largo Re-Entry Ctr.
Moore Haven C.F.
Pompano Transition Center
Re-Entry Ctr. of Ocala
Reality House
Shisa House East
Shisa House West
Suncoast WRC
South Bay C.F.
Washington County Jail

Obtain a copy of the DC2-303, Deposit Form Below.
Send one of the above types of funds and the completed Deposit Form to:

Florida Department of Corrections
Inmate Trust Fund
Centerville Station
P.O. Box 12100
Tallahassee, FL 32317-2100


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