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Send inmate money in Connecticut

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The Inmate Trust Fund (ITF) office is responsible for receiving funds for incarcerated offenders, for making payments from, and maintaining all records associated with offender accounts.

ITF can accept funds only two ways:

Via U.S. Mail

Funds are accepted from the following sources:

Money Order, along with complete and legible remitter information *
Attorney checks, along with cover letter
Employer checks, along with pay stub
Refund check from Vendors
Social Security checks
Social Services checks
Tax Refunds
Unemployment checks
Veterans Administration checks

UNIQb3411d5115efa95-google-00000000-QINU * All Checks or Money Orders MUST be payable to the inmate and Remitter Information MUST include:
1. Inmate First, Middle Initial and Last Name
2. Inmate Number
3. Inmate Date of Birth
4. Sender's First and Last Name
5. Sender's Full Address (Number, Street, Apartment/Unit, City, State and Zip Code)

Complete and legible Remitter Information must be included with each item. DO NOT include anything else with the check/money order and remitter form, such as cards, letters, pictures, notes, etc. They will not be forwarded to the offender. Money orders/checks must be mailed to:

Inmate Trust Fund
P.O. Box 290800
Wethersfield, CT 06129-0800

Inmate Trust Fund Remitter Form:


Electronic Deposits through Western Union Quick Collect

For Western Union, please remember:

Pay To: Connecticut DOC
Code City: CTDOC
Account #: 8-digit Inmate Number and Inmate Last Name.*

  • If inmate number is less than 8 digits, add two zeros at the beginning, i.e., 00123456Johnson

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