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Money should be mailed to the institution where the offender is incarcerated. Only cashier’s checks or money orders are accepted when sending money to an offender.

'''Make absolutely sure the offender’s name, DOC# and sender’s name are all legibly written on the cashier’s check or money order. Failure to include this information will result in the money order or cashier’s check being returned to the sender.'''

Senders (i.e. family member, close relative and/or friend) are strongly encouraged to attach a fully completed OBS deposit slip to the cashier’s check or money order. These deposit slips should not be stapled to the funds but attached by paper clip. You can download a printable deposit OBS slip from this website below.

Elba Work Release / Community Work Center

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Elba WR / CWC
P.O. Box 710
Elba, AL 36323

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