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KonMart.com helps the families and loved ones of those in prison to stay connected. Send letters, photos, cards, books, and magazines to create your own care package. Let them know they're missed with a care package from KonMart today!

Konmart.com was founded as a means to help the families of those incarcerated. Many families who have had the unfortunate experience of having a loved one imprisoned, know how difficult it can be to have a family member removed from your life. This period can be emotionally straining on everyone.
At Konmart.com, we provide a service to family members of those incarcerated, by enabling them to easily send books, puzzles, games, religious material, photographs and much more, all from the comfort of home. We understand the families of those incarcerated have already been inconvenienced enough.
Most of all, at Konmart.com we promote items that can inspire change and help in the rehabilitation and recovery process. Just because someone has made a mistake in their past, does not mean their future is over. We hope to give all inmates the chance to acquire a greater knowledge of themselves and the world around them, hopefully aiding in their eventual reintegration with society.
How Konmart.com Helps Penitentiaries Konmart.com helps reduce returned mail in prison mailrooms. Reducing undeliverable mail also reduces the workload on facility mail room personnel. Konmart.com also reduces the cost penitentiaries spend on returning undeliverable/unacceptable items to their sender. By processing your letters and photographs digitally we can pre scan these materials for possible problems before they are sent, reducing the amount of returned mail to virtually zero.